In a world where digital presence is more impactful than a physical storefront, many small businesses still do not have a website. 

You might be a nonprofit or have a counseling practice, and are yet to build a website for your new business. Or maybe your old website is outdated and needs a complete overhaul. No matter where you’re starting from, if you need a website created, there’s always an important question to ask. Should you DIY or hire a professional web designer?

Many entrepreneurs are inclined to at least try the DIY method, but is it economical? What option will give you the best value and results for your time? Considering the level of skill it takes to rise above a basic WordPress theme and the importance of your website as the face of your company; hiring a professional web designer is almost always your best move.

  1. Get a Good-Looking Website and Save Yourself Time 

Your website needs to look amazing. Whether you want a clean, minimal look or an elaborate brand experience, it takes months or years to learn how to make a website look great. While starting with basic toolkits is easy, it’s hard to get off the ground and look different from any other cookie cutter website. You may need months of learning front end or web builder tools to get the visual result you want from your website.

A professional web designer already has the skills and tools necessary to make a custom website pop from the page with your brand’s identity in vivid, beautiful pages – without the months of learning to make it just right.

  1. Reliably High-Performing Website Design

Google is putting a heavy focus on website performance. You will need a racehorse of a website right out the gate. Pages need to load fast and in an elegant way that doesn’t jump page elements around. It needs to be robust in case of high traffic and with smooth-performing widgets on every page. 

Reliable performance is one thing that no website builder can promise, but a professional web designer can.

  1. Good SEO Built In

Your website is the single most powerful marketing asset for your business. The SEO built into every page becomes essential to your online visibility and inbound marketing success. An experienced web designer can incorporate good SEO into every page and feature. Your pages will all mention your location and expertise. Product pages will include all the proper phrases, and images will all have a title that can be found on image searches.

In fact, SEO can even be woven into the code with the correct metadata and performance metrics to impress the Google web crawlers.

  1. Cybersecurity Ready from Day One

Cybersecurity is a must. Today, any business of any size can be the target for hackers. Automated malware attacks indiscriminately while focused hacker attacks look for gaps in any security system. The last thing you want is a pieced-together cybersecurity solution made from guesswork and plugins. A professional web designer already knows the cybersecurity standards and can build solid security protocols directly into your website design. It will ensure your website is secure from the first day it goes online.

  1. Mobile-Ready Without the Hassle

Google is also prioritizing businesses with websites that work well on mobile browsers. Great mobile-responsive screen resolutions and mobile-ready content will allow your website will rise above the competition. Building a mobile-ready website takes sophistication and – most of all – experience. Fortunately, custom websites built by professionals are now universally mobile-ready, and the layouts are ready to adapt to any phone screen size or orientation.

  1. Increased Prospect for Conversions and Revenue

A website that checks all the boxes is one that also satisfies customers and boosts your online sales performance. When product search feels natural and checkout is easy, your conversion funnel will be smooth from beginning to end. When your website appears on Google searches and is easy to use on mobile, new customers can flock in from any direction. A professionally designed website is more likely to increase your potential for sales and revenue by providing an online experience that is above every other business with an off-the-shelf design.

  1.  Regular Support to Maintain Business Reputation 

Users judge a company’s reputation from its website. When a business’s website has errors or is inaccessible, its reputation will drop. Minimizing bugs on your site will help protect and increase your business reputation. A website with errors also affects your SEO and Google rankings. A professional web designer will offer web management services to help ensure the website is free of errors and running at optimal levels.

Hire a Professional Web Designer for Your Business Website

Are you ready to take your website to the next level in performance, exposure, and customer satisfaction? A professional web designer has the skills you need to bring your website to life as a brand experience that goes above any cookie cutter website design. Get in touch today to consult on building the perfect website for your business.

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