If you are thinking about getting a website and can’t make up your mind whether you should hire a web designer or do it yourself, ponder no more because I have been there. For several years, I created sites that I “designed” on my own because the cost of hiring a web designer seemed too far-fetched for me. I took matters in my own hands, learned the whole process, designed my sites and launched them. Although back then, it seemed like I was doing the cost-effective thing by DIY, today as a web-designer, my perspectives have completely changed.

Hiring a web designer would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and headache. At the time I wasn’t passionate about web-designing. I looked at a few videos on YouTube and I I thought I knew what I was doing…and boy was I wrong! The YouTube videos gave me the very basic knowledge I needed to create the sites I had, however the knowledge I received via YouTube was not enough to sustain my long term endeavors as a blogger. Having to always go to YouTube to learn something new every time I wanted to fix an issue on my site became old really quick.

Now fast forward 6-7 years later, I have taken web-design classes, worked with several clients and as well as completed several side project to perfect my skills and I strongly believe anyone desiring to have a blog or an online business absolutely need a website designer.

Here are 4 reasons why I believe you should hire a web-designer and not DIY your next project:

1.  Let’s be honest, YouTube Won’t Teach You Everything.

There is a plethora of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to design a website. While you may want to take the challenge upon yourself (like I did)  and binge watch 10 how-to-design-my-blog videos, save yourself some time and hire a web designer. Just think about the 10 videos that are at least 30 min long that may possibly teach you how to design your blog, the time you will invest to learn followed by the time invested to put in practice what you learned. Hiring a web-designer will cut down the time and effort so you can focus on other things that your project requires. Things like the copy of your website, drafting blog posts, making connections with others in your niche etc. My advice? Save yourself the headache and hire a web-designer.

2. Professional vs. Amateur – You Decide.

When it comes to having a presence online, it’s easy to see who’s an amateur (DIY) and who has taken the time to invest. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a keen eye for design and are willing to put in the hours needed to design your website or blog, go for it. However, a good web-designer has the ability to hear about your project and make it come alive. They are able to capture your vision and bring it to life. If you desire a basic blog than a DIY project may be the route you take, however if you are looking for a beautiful design that will capture the attention of your visitors consider investing in a web designer may be the best option.

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3. Great SEO

If you just scratched your head and don’t know what SEO is, you definitely need to hire a web designer and NOT DIY. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A web designer uses tools and techniques to make sure your website is search-engine friendly. This means your website has the potential of ranking on the front page of Google, Bing or yahoo when someone searches for it. A professionally designed website will be optimized with the proper keywords, image tags, page descriptions etc. so your website can rank on the first page of search engines. Now there is no guarantee that your website will rank on the first page, but a professional website will always rank higher than a DIY website.

4. Let’s Face It, It’s 2017 and You Do Everything on Your Phone and So Will Your Audience.

This is one of the biggest challenge of DIY blogs and websites vs. professionally-designed websites and blogs. In building a website, it is important to keep in mind who your visitors will be. In this day and age, the majority of spend endless hours on their phones. A well designed website will be mobile friendly. It is important to offer your audience that flexibility because let’s face it; we spend more time on our phones than we do in front of a PC. 

I hope these 4 tips were helpful and gave you more insight to the difference between having a DYI project vs. hiring a professional.

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